Hello December

Greetings Everyone,

Well here we are in December, and it sure did seem to come fast. For those that follow me on MeWe and Facebook, you will know I have been having a few rough days with my back, my doctor gave me blood tests to check for arthritis and it seems by the results I read online its normal. Not sure why the pains but my wife reckons it’s lifting the grandkids and that they are growing up I might need to stop picking them up so much.

I haven’t done much with cacti or crocheting lately but mostly reading books and ebooks. As I was struggling with some personal sins I come across my ebook by Charles Spurgeon called Words of Warning (Annotated, Updated Edition): For Those Wavering Between Belief and Unbelief, it was a good kick in the seat or slap around the head. After that, I read an ebook by Douglas Wilson called Fidelity: What it Means to be a One-Woman Man. Both of these books were great and on my favorites list on Goodreads.

All the family is still busy with life and making plans on what we will do for Christmas. Many of you that know me well enough to know I have always been a Holiday pooper for many years but I’m trying to change that but the reason I was a party pooper was that Id get so depressed during the holidays because of horrible memories would flood my mind but this year I’m trying my best not to focus on the past hurts and try to have a more positive attitude about it. For the first time since I was a child, I showed my granddaughters the two cartoons of Rudolph and Frosty the snowman. Jessica loved them both, Indianna enjoyed the music but wasn’t that thrilled about the shows yet, I thought I might show them the little drummer boy but who knows anyway, from my family to yours, We wish you a Merry Christmas!!

o Blogs I recommend you to check out.

Depression, Discouragement, and Hope in Christ During the Holidays by Servants of Grace//Dave Jenkins

The Bad News about Christmas by Crossway//Paul David Tripp

  • If you have a blog, podcast or book that you’d like me to check out, read and listen too, please comment and let me know.

Okay, that’s all for now until next time,
God Bless – Bill

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